We from Artists Selling Art believe:

  • Artists don't have to be starving artists.

  • Artists can sell their art.

  • Artists can be successful.

It is our mission to tell their stories and assist them to achieve their goals

writing for artists selling art

Artists are Inspiring the World! It is ART that Creates  a Culture.

Let's Inspire the World Together.

Do you believe that you can be inspirational?
Do you believe that your art can make people happy? That your art work can make people smile and feel better?
Do you believe that you can be powerful as an artist?
Do you believe that you can be successful?

As an artist you inspire the world everyday - simply by just creating what you create: ART.  This is you. It is your art. But do you see this? Do you believe in you? Do you have faith in yourself?

What if YOU would be able to see this? What if every artist would see this?

How could it change our society if artists knew their power? It's about empowerment. It's about making the artist in you stronger and become more powerful.