about About Artists Selling Art: Founded by Gabriele Utz, visual artist, designer, social media expert and published writer.
The purpose is to help artists with their business, their career as an artist and their marketing and public relation. There is no Starving Artist – not today with the abundance of possibilities that are existing to increase business.
Assistance can be done in a 1-1 Coaching, in webinars or in form of documentations.

The 1-1 Coaching includes

  • Creating a business social media presence
  • Create a business website
  • Create videos which can be shown on Youtube
  • Create an active Youtube Artist Channel
  • Create a business portfolio
    and much more… it really depends on your needs. We analyze your business first and write a tailor made step-by-step plan for you. The coaching is done via Skype. Every talk is recorded as a script.
    How does this work?
    You book an appointment where an analysis of your business and your situation will be done Рthis is 1 hour and it is free.  Based upon the analysis you will get a plan and the time frame will be determined  to execute this plan.

The Webinars include

  • The basic tools of Instagram
  • Where to sell online
  • What to know about Facebook Groups
  • How to make a successful Facebook Business Page
  • How to price your art
  • How to create your own art show
    and much more…

About Gabriele

ArtistsSellingArt is new. But within a short time it became successful on Facebook and Instagram. Artists were reaching out and asked for advise and assistance. Gabriele loves to help as she is a successful artist herself since more than 20 years. She makes a living from art which is commissions and custom wall murals.
Gabriele found out that many artists are “just” artists which is the natural way but to survive as an artist you must be also a sales person and manager. A special book for artists is in progress.

It is known to Gabriele what obstacles you have to face as an artist. She has seen the best and the worst of this business. And it was not always easy, especially when she relocated from Europe to the USA at a time which was the co called “recession” starting in 2007.
Gabriele got many phone calls from fellow artists who were looking for a job because she established a good internet presence which brought her some work. If the economy in a society suffers, what gets hit first? Exactly, the field of art is affected more than the field of cars and drinking coffee.

If you are not sure on how to use the Internet in a way to get popularity and make sales, connect with ArtistsSellingArt. Learn how to build your personal fan community. Learn how to manage social media properly.
Improve your marketing skills to get into galleries and find places to exhibit.

There is even more what you can get!

A professional website
Learn How to Sell your Art Online
Improve your Social Media Marketing Skills
Become a Business Person and your own Marketing Manager
Become your own Marketing manager
Build your Personal Community as an Artist

Our Services are for artist beginners or artists on an advanced level.

Even if you are not ready to do any offered services you can subscribe to our newsletter.


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