Abstract Artist Cristina Taddonio

abstract artist cristina tadonio

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Our Featured Abstract Artist Cristina Taddonio

Media: water color and acrylics


Cristina Taddonio painting sea


featured abstract artist cristina tadonio painting


Cristina Taddonio art work races


Cristina Taddonio abstract art


Featured Abstract Artist Cristina Taddonio

Cristina Taddonio’s vision is as unique and eclectic as her story.

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal and raised in Milano, Italy, Cristina spent her childhood following the nomadic travels of her mother from India to Israel and onward. Gathering stories, sounds and inspirations, Cristina began to write music and paint images inspired by the people, struggles, and beauty that she experienced.

Having relocated to the United States as a high schooler was no easy task, but Taddonio fully immersed herself in the arts, continuing to challenge herself by the world and people around her.

Today, Cristina, has let the demands of the world go.  Her only interest is to create music and art that is true to herself in hope to inspire people everywhere to follow their dreams and remember what is truly important in a lifetime.

In an industry of growing instant gratification and fluff pop, Taddonio brings a fresh look to her viewers from every generation. Cristina’s extraordinary honesty and rawness in her style gives us all something our eyes hunger for.






Cristina Taddonio art work

Into The Woods

My Art Work Video

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