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Our Featured Abstract Artist Lee Clement is a Lebanese artist, based in France. Clement is an abstract artist, influenced by urban and street art. She describes her style with these words:

Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot physically see with his eyes.
Abstract art enables me to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite from the finite.

It’s emancipation of my mind.
It’s explosion into unknown areas.
It’s freedom for my spirit

We are Featuring Lee Clement with Four works of Art
 Technique: Acrylic on Canvas
 | Painted with care on highest quality canvas | stretched on a wooden frame
 | Finished with UV protection Glossy varnish
 |Painted Edges | Ready To Hang

Theme of Lee Clement's Collection:
The chosen artworks are part of her ongoing series “Timeless”.
Ephemera and graffiti are meant to exist or enjoyed for short periods of time. Lee Clement  is interested in using the format of a painting to preserve whatever is contained in "the square'', like inspired imagery, scribbles or scrawls to my canvas.
It is her own special way of capturing portions of the space/time continuum.
The Titles of the paintings are birth dates of some of the greatest minds in history.

featured abstract artist lee clement painting

The Illusion of Reality

lee clement 1897 abstract art


lee clement 1564 abstract art


1548 abstract art


Featured Abstract Artist Lee Clement

ASA: When did you start your career as an artist?

Clement: I have always been an art lover but I never wanted to be an artist. I guess it’s just what I am. I have always read and written a lot. One day, I started to paint, just making it up as I went and experimenting with all mediums. That’s why I often employ words in my paintings. I’m fascinated by the interactions of textual and visual signs.

ASA: How would you describe your style?

Clement: My work is eclectic, intuitive and extremely spontaneous, with an influence from street/urban art. Paintings often start as one thing and end up as something totally different. 
I often paint with my bare hands; I’m very tactile and I need to touch and “sculpt” the paints on canvas.
Since I have no formal art education, I am continuously developing new techniques, pushing the boundaries of experimentation to keep improving. Every new painting is a beginning of a new adventure.

ASA: What is your inspiration?

Clement: I find inspiration anywhere. I paint my emotions and my thoughts, often motivated by a spirit of rational inquiry.

ASA: What medium do you use for your paintings?

Clement: Mostly I use acrylic for its speed of drying, it means I can layer over and over quickly. I also use charcoal, graphite, markers, spray paint, just anything lying around. 

ASA: What does your art work mean to you? How would you describe your work?

Clement: I am still improving my styles, it is a process until I can say, now I am proud about myself. But  I am proud of sticking to my decision to make a dramatic career change without any support. Additionally,  I am also proud of my high energy and big imagination, that’s kind of the stem of it all. I have done more than 90 large scale paintings in the last 6 months!

ASA: What does art mean to you?

Clement: Alongside music, abstract art is among the purest forms of expression, as it allows me the freedom to communicate feelings and emotions unconstrained by forms found in objective reality.
It’s emancipation of my mind. It’s explosion into unknown areas. It’s freedom for my spirit. 

What better motivations need I more to create every single day? 

lee clement abstract art

Ucelli Birds

My Art Work Video

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