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artists website services

You are starting your Artist Career – Now what?

A friend says, you need a good website. Another friend says, a Facebook page is just fine. Someone else tells you that you need to make your own site because it’s so expensive to hire a web designer. Many opinions. Many advises. And you are in the middle and all what you want to do is JUST be an ARTIST!

You ask yourself, what shall I do? You find it difficult to find the right website model that also works! You spend hours finding out what to use. You say, I am not a web designer, I am the artist!

That’s when ArtistsSellingArt comes in because we know what artists need.

That’s why we offer our “Artists Website Service”.

Because you need a Professional Web Presence. You want to show your art 24/7, and you also want to sell your art work through the website.

Why is this important?

There are several reasons:
Maybe you do art shows, festivals and fairs. That’s where people will see your art “live”. They take your business card and can go back to your website to buy the art work they liked. Or you want to find a gallery that will represent you. Galleries expect to visit a professional website. You want to sell art prints online. In general, nowadays a website is expected for a “professional” reputation and look.

Okay, I think we know now that you need a website that looks great, and will get you customers. A professional website. Soon. Like, yesterday.

Maybe you have already a website that your brother or a good friend did, some time ago, maybe years ago… Google has changed so much, they do updates many times a year, and penalize websites that are not in alignment with their standard.
So it can be that your website has disappeared in the jungle of the Google world, and nobody knows about it. It might be an out-dated website, and you don’t know how to change it to the latest Google standard.  You are not able to reach the friend, and your brother has no more time because he expanded his family to two children… What to do?

Use our Artists Website Service and Get the Website that you Need.

This can be a personal port folio website

This can be an Etsy store.

How it Works

1. We will send you a questionnaire regarding your website which you return with the answers.
2. We do an analysis based upon the answers of the questionnaire.
3. We provide a quote for you that is customized to your needs as an artist.

Why choosing ASA for your website?

– We don’t let you in thee rain with a half-done website.
– We work with professional web designers who know what they are doing.
– We know artists and what they need.
– We will show you how to maintain and update your website (if you wish). You will be able to upload your latest art and remove the one that had been sold.
– Our pricing is reasonable.

— Click here to See a Website Example —

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