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We know what artists need to be successful in their artist career.


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ASA Services - Webinar

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Tailor Made Personal Coaching

ArtistsSelling Art founder Gabriele loves to talk to you about your career and your goals as an artist. You can book a certain amount of personal coaching. It is customized and tailor made to your needs. It does not matter if you are an artist beginner, be in the middle of your career or if you want to expand your career to the next level. The program we create contains all necessary actions to get you to the top.


Professional Websites For Artists

Nowadays it is very important to have a website that is designed with the focus to sell your art. We at ASA know what is important for a website. We work with professional web designers who know their job. You need the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implemented, it needs a safe shopping cart, and so on. We first find out what yopu really need and want and based upon the results we will deliver a killer website for you.


The Power of Social Media

As an artist you should be using the social media that is right for your and will help you to promote to the "right"audience. We establish all needed social media. This can be Facebook or Instagram. Twitter or Pinterest.  We use them all. Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and others. Did you know that YouTube is the most popular social media? Find out how you can reach more people with these social media channels.


Social Media Analysis

If you have already a social media presence but you think it should improve or you want to reach the the next level, we offer a "Review Service".
This service includes a analysis of the existing accounts (Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Instagram). It includes a step-by-step program on how to improve these accounts.
It can include creating the missing social media accounts.