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social media analysis

How can a Social Media Analysis Help You?

Many artists have already a Facebook page or an Instagram account. Sometimes we see accounts that do well, and sometimes we see accounts that are managed the wrong way and will not bring any business.
Like one artist got almost upset about Instagram because he only got spam messages and followers that wanted to sell him “followers”. So he closed the account. That’s not good.
We also saw that artists are using their personal Facebook page for their art. This is not going to work. Then there are these artist’s FB pages which got stuck at 65 followers or at 1254 followers. You can have a Fb page with 1500 followers but the page is “dead”. That’s not bringing you business.

What’s the point in having any social media account when it does not do what is supposed to do?

That’s why we offer our “Social Media Analysis”.

Because you can be more successful with your OWN workable social media channels.
Social media works 24/7 for you.
It is the place where you built your follower-ship, your community.
It’s the place were you connect with people who love your art.
It’s the place where you as an artist are the center piece.

That’s why a Social Media Analysis is important.

A workable and efficient social media will provide following:
– In case you do art shows, festivals and fairs, you promote the events on your own Fb event page.
– You can talk live to your audience, eg about your latest project.
– You can direct a gallery to your social media accounts and they see that you are already somewhat “popular” – this is for sure a plus poin

Use our Social Media Analysis to make the best out of social media.

This is How it Works

1. We will send you a questionnaire regarding your social media.
2. We do an analysis based upon the answers of your questionnaire.
3. We provide a quote for you that is customized to your needs as an artist.

Why Choosing ASA to Improve your Social Media?

– We want you to succeed! Become popular as an artist.
– We always know about the latest social media updates.
– We know artists and what they need.
– We will show you how to maintain your social media accounts if you want, or we can take care of it.
– Our rates are interesting – Starting from $99.

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