Tailor Made Business Coaching for Artists

Tailor Made Business Coaching

It is never to late to start you career as an artist.

If you have already started it, can you imagine a life doing full time what you love to do? A life where you can live from your art?

Ask yourself: What life would that be?

An artist is mainly an artist, and has never learned to be a business person. It is not been taught in any school how to promote and sell. But here comes the tricky part: In order to success you need to know how to manage the business part of your artistic life. What are the main issues an artist is running into? We know them. Artists told Gabriele, and she knows them because she went through all this herself! So what are the main issues?

  • Galleries. Are they really the place where you want to sell? Was it disappointing to you?
  • What is really your path? Where should your career go?
  • Maybe you think: How can I start from scratch in a world with millions of other artists?
  • Have you found your personal artistic niche?
  • Do you think collectors should know about your art? If so, how?
  • Can you correctly price your art?
  • Who promotes you when you are creating?
  • What does it take to organize a exhibition? Or sell on fairs and festivals?
  • Selling online. Have you asked yourself: Is that really possible?

Too many questions and maybe no answers. Or answers that are not satisfying.

That’s were the Tailor Made Business Coaching for Artists comes in.

Let me tell you: It’s not uncle Joe, your sister or the gallery owner who will answer these questions. Maybe you find some answers online in some articles. Maybe some fellow artists will do but you have special needs that need special attention. You can get this attention from your personal business coach like Gabriele who understands what you are talking about.

Gabriele’s approach is pretty simple and direct. Her specialty is to create customized programs for artists. A business coach is like a navigator who knows the course and direction through the labyrinth called modern world. A good business coach can listen and understands what is needed and wanted.

The Steps

1. You will get a FREE Consultation on the phone or via Skype (this service is not restricted to USA only).
2. Based upon the consultation you will receive the offer.
3. The offer can be adjusted and an agreement will be worked out.
4. The business coaching starts when the agreement has been signed and is agreed upon.

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