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Brodies Fine Art Photography

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Featured Artist: Brodie Stephens Fine Art Photography

Featured with 5 paintings

Medium: Oil and Acrylic
Size: 36 x 48 unframed
Genre: Conceptual Abstract

Medium: Oil
Size: 19 x 20 unframed
Genre: Seascape

Light House at Dusk
Medium: Oil
Size: 19 x 20 unframed
Genre: Nautical

Barn at the Lake
Medium: Mixed media
Size: 20" x 16" (unframed)
Genre: Landcapes

Abstract Squares
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 18 x 24
Genre: Abstract Art

Brodie Stephens Fine Art Photography  - Ocean


Brodie Stephens Fine Art Photography

Abstract Squares

Brodie Stephens Fine Art Paintings - Barn at the lake

Barn at the Lake

Brodie Stephens Fine Art Photography - Transamerica


Brodie Stephens Fine Art and Photography

Brodie Stephens was born in December of 1974 and raised on a small ranch in Placerville, California. The ranch was miles from a town, so it was important that he found ways to fill his time. Brodie was able to entertain himself through his love of art.

He currently lives and works out of his home studio, with his partner and wonderful miniature pinscher Mindi in El Dorado Hills, CA.  When not in El Dorado Hills, Brodie spends much of his time in the neighboring city of Folsom CA where he is a member of the Folsom Arts Association. He spends time showing his work at art fairs and festivals in the area. Brodie is known for his outsider style of work and was encouraged and inspired to create many different types of art by his mother.

He and his mother spent countless hours together creating numerous art projects. They would sell their works at craft fairs and festivals all over the greater Sacramento areas. Brodie has a wide range of works that include Conceptual, Abstract, Impasto, and Wet on Wet styles and techniques. For his art pieces he uses generally mixed media both oil and acrylic on canvas.

Brodie has developed a large social media following and sells much of his work from his website and through his social media channels.

Besides painting, Brodie also has a passion for Photography, specialized in shooting fitness, fashion, portrait, models and events.

You will find a wide assortment and selection of prints available for sale in his Painting and Photography collection on his website at

If you are interested in his work you have several options to purchase prints on canvas or other fine gifts.
 If you are interested in hiring Brodie for Paintings or for a photo shoot contact him at per phone (916) 878-8981 or send an email from the artists website.

brodie stephens fine art paintings - Light house at dusk

Light House at Dusk

My Art Work Video

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