Facebook: Selling your Art Work

Facebook: Selling your Art Work

It’s a Facebook World – That’s what many people think. And they are correct. Facebook has become THE connecting tool for people, friends, family and business. Facebook started the whole social media era.

ASA has looked into Facebook deep enough to find out that artists are not fully using this potential of the modern world.
That’s why we will launch a webinar very soon.

Facebook: Selling your Art Work!

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How sell art facebook

PART 1 – Learn the Basics

Selling on Facebook starts with creating the correct page.  We show you how to set it up the right way so you can collect Likes and start building your personal community.

Part 2 – Fine Tune your Facebook Page

Learn how to keep up the Facebook page. Find out what you should post and what not. Which posts are good for your community? Which posts will be shared? How to connect it to other social media channels.

Part 3 – Usage of your Likes

Learn how to get your followers do certain actions and how to direct them to your website or so they subscribe to  the mailing list. Your page is used to generate leads which will result into sales. This also includes how to use the Facebook promotion options, the improved ads section.

Part 4 – The secret of Live Videos
Facebook created a very effective tool to interact with your followers: Live Videos. We show you how to use it.

Part 4 – Generate your Own Facebook Group

Facebook groups can be very powerful but when you show your art to other artists only it is not a powerful tool at all. Learn about how to manage face book groups and use it so your art is the center piece
We all know that Facebook makes changes and you can be sure that you get the latest Facebook know-how. Gabriele is part of Facebook since the beginning. She knows it inside out and has built and managed pages and groups with thousands of followers.

Facebook is a powerful tool but you must know how to use it! Using it the wrong way will bring no results.

After a thorough research Gabriele found out that many artists are not using Facebook to its full extent. Many artists don’t know how to use Facebook properly. The ones who know how to manage it, are selling their art.

The idea behind this course is that you will be able to see the possibilities that are offered by Facebook. And you don’t have to pay no dime to use it unless you want to run ads. Facebook, after all, is a FREE tool to grow your business. You will see how it runs when done the right way. Your Facebook page will become a fun place to interact, to talk and mingle.
Artists like to be validated and appreciated as an artist – And this will happen when you surround yourself with people who appreciate and like your art! Facebook is a very good platform for it.

The Webinar
We are in the process of working on a webinar where you can learn all the mentioned above parts.

Until we have launched the webinar stay in touch with us and subscribe to our newsletter.