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joyous art designs

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Who am I?

Featured Artist Joyous Art Designs by Libby Baker Sweiger is produced for everyone's enjoyment and blessing and sold at a reasonable price. Her signature pieces are whimsical ink and watercolor paintings made with love and prayer for people to enjoy and gain joy from whether placed in their home, church or office.
joyous art designs
Featured Artist Joyous Art Designs
joyous art designs

ASA Featured Artist Joyous Art Designs

Artist Always!

“The thing about being an artist," Dad said, folding his newspaper and setting it down on the table, "is that there are always going to be people who want to stop you from doing your art. But this usually says more about them and their issues than it does about you and your art. Trust me.” 
― Leila Sales, This Song Will Save Your Life

My career as an artist began when I was very young. My mother was a gifted artist though she rarely ever created a finished piece of art. She asked all four of us to pose for a minute here and there and drew her children’s silhouettes by the hour. She sat at the kitchen table amongst the notes from the books she was reading, especially the bible, drawing trees and landscapes and the most elaborate doodling; the most gifted you have ever seen. She was mesmerizing. From the age of five or so, I sat with her and did the same. As I got older, 9 and 10 I loved to draw my younger brothers’ profiles. They were beautiful to me. I had to draw quickly. They wouldn’t sit for long! She taught me control of my pencil and pen at very young age with cursive writing exercises. I never saw the correlation to drawing until later. I just wanted penmanship as elaborate and beautiful as hers. I got it.

I took one art class in junior high and a community water color class. That is the extent of my schooling away from my mother’s table. I’m not boasting about that. It’s just a fact. She was my mentor. I wanted to be like her. She was loving and beautiful in every way. It was not surprise she could create beauty.
In my teens my drawing grew. I drew and drew and painted gifts for people and they liked them! I did some arts fairs locally. I was accepted at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN as an Art Major, but circumstances drew me into the work force. I began to neglect my drawing, except for the elaborate doodling in my business notebooks.  My muse turned to writing and when I finally attended college when I was 28, it was all writing. I was a communications major, wrote for the school paper and produced a screen play. I picked up a writing pen and put down the artist’s pen for many years. I was raising my family, working a career in Marketing and Communications, blogging, social media and selling. Everything but painting!

It wasn’t until my early 60’s when an inspired and dear friend underwent a 3rd brain surgery for Epilepsy, rendering her right brain dominant and full of art and inspiration. Fortunate for me she became my 2nd mentor! Art was re-inspired within me. Heather with Believe2Shine Designs was used in my life to awaken the art within. She taught me acrylics, when I’d only known drawing, ink and watercolor! She taught me more about color than I could have learned in any university! She brought the love and miracle of art back into my live. Once again I was producing art I could give away as precious gift and that I could sell! I felt alive from the depths of my being. Something deep inside of me was being expressed again and even though my Mom had recently died I sensed her presence very close to me at times when I painted with great joy. It stemmed from my faith in God and Love of Life! I named my new company: Joyous Art Designs! One of my biggest triumphs was getting my paintings in Bibelot…our area’s top and most unusual gift shops.

I will never put down my brush or ink pen again. I dabble in acrylics now, because I have trouble with headaches - as much as I love them. I adore my first love: ink and watercolor and I love the PrismaColor ink pens: fine and brush tips! I struggle the most with marketing my art. That is my biggest challenge. I know there is a better way out there and I feel it will be found in the dialogue between artists.

So let’s keep talking. Let’s keep in touch. It’s a very small world we live in. Let’s be “Artists Selling Art”!

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