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Congratulations! You are accepted as a Featured Artist on ArtistsSellingArt.com!

Find below the payment options. As soon as we have your payment, we will get started and send you our detailed submission guidelines.

This is what we need from you:

1. Your Story/Bio
Your story how you made it as an artist with minimum of 300 words.
Your personal bio photo.

These questions are a guideline:
How did you get started?
What is your inspiration?
How do you motivate yourself?
What is your successful action to stay active as an artist?
What does art mean to you?

2. Your Art Work
Up to 5 images of your most representative art work, size not smaller than 600x800px., not bigger than 1500px  - each photo should not be bigger then 1mb (please don’t send huge files, we will reject them)
Each art work must contain title, material, size, genre which is part of the description.
Photo Quality: No backgrounds, already cut out, not blurry, shiny or over edited. 
Send your art work per email. 


Every image must have your name and title.

Like this: myname-this-is-the-title.jpg 

It cannot include any special signs or spaces. 

NOT accepted:      my name title.jpg    or     my.name.title.jpg

If we receive different photo formats we will not be able to use them, you will have to resend.
Accepted Format: png, jpg only

3. Video Art Work
Up to 15 images of your art work (see quality details, format and size above)

4. Links
Accepted are up to 5 links  (social media, store, website)

5. Galleries
If your art work can be found in a physical gallery, you can add up to 3 addresses (we will not accept online galleries)


"We" refers to artistssellingart.com, its staff, personnel, members, interns, managers and everyone who is connected to this website's maintenance, management and organization. Artistssellingart.com is an exclusive community that is featuring only hand selected professional artists. We don’t intend to sell your art work. We never ask anyone to buy your art work. We offer a platform via our website to promote and share your art work. We may get galleries and art curators involved.


All prices are in US Dollars. The prices may change and we will inform everyone who is a featured artist and has an active account. Price changes are not applied during the time of the featured artist duration, only when it has expired.

Featured Artist Duration and Page Content

The featured artist page duration starts with your payment. We recommend to send the featured artist content within 5 business days. The featured artist page will be published within 2 business days as soon as all content had been delivered per our guidelines. If the content does not contain our requirements the artist has to resend the content that is not correct. We are not doing any corrections eg cropping images or edit the photo format.
We might correct grammar and punctuation in the bio if this seems to be necessary. If the bio is written in  bad English or sent as a pdf  we will return it so the artist can comply with the correct format.

We will send you an email when your featured artist page has expired and you you can renew it within 5 business days.
Should you not renew it in this time frame your artist page will be removed. The video will remain on the Youtube channel.

We always have the right not to accept or remove certain art work that is inappropriate and against our terms and conditions.

Not accepted artwork
If art work shows visibly elements of horror, terror, cruelty, abuse, sex, porn, profound nudity, drugs, weapons, anti-religion, and/or contains discriminating content of any form, including elements of brutality, anti-human rights content and content that is in general against human and animals dignity.


that are not working anymore will be removed without notice. You can notify us at any time if any of your website links or any other links have changed, and we will do the update.

Copyright and Art Infringement

You agree that you are the creator of the submitted art work, and that it does not violate any other copy rights or is the work of another artist.
With the payment you grant us permission to publish your art on artistssellingart.com and share it on all connected social media channels (includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Linkedin). 
We will never publish your art on Amazon, Ebay or other sales related channels or websites without your explicit permission. Neither will we add you or your work to the Fb groups that we have created. You always can become a member of our Facebook groups. 

You as the artist are solely responsible for the submitted art work, it's title, size and description, and content.

These terms and conditions can be revised or up-dated at any time by artistssellingart.com.

You agree that all your information you provided is legitimate, and is not the property (or including) of someone else.

 You confirm with your payment that you are older than 18 years and not a minor.

We have the right to refuse to serve anyone who is not agreeing with these terms and conditions.
This includes the right to cancel or suspend an existing account at any given time.
It includes anyone who is not in alignment with the terms and conditions, and is, or attempts, to harass artistssellingart.com in whatsoever form and way to its its staff, personnel, members, interns, managers and everyone who is connected to this website's maintenance, management and organization.

With your payment you agree to these terms and conditions.

January 2017

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