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Who am I?

As versatile artist, Samara works in nearly every medium: From oil paint to acrylic paint, and from pastels to pen and ink. Her subject matters, for her paintings, range from enchanting landscapes to charming portraits; from exquisite still life's, to sleek, crisp, and clean abstracts. She makes her home in West Henrietta, NY as an artist, wife, and mother to three daughters.
featured Artist Samara Doumnande
Featured Artist Samara Doumnande

ASA Featured Artist Samara Doumnande

ASA: When did you start your career?
Doumnande: I've been painting and drawing since an early age, probably about around the age that I could first hold a pencil. However, I didn't become a professional artist until November 2011. At that time I had been recovering from a mental health episode and was using art as a remedy to heal emotionally and psychologically from pain of my experiences.

ASA: What has inspired you?
Doumnande: Oh, I get my inspiration from a wide range of subjects, sometimes I paint objects, people, and scenes that I see around me in the physical world, and sometimes I love to create objects and scenes that I feel upon my heart. Like for example, recently I've been studying Bob Ross's nontraditional "Wet on Wet" technique, a technique he painted in which he only painted scenes from his heart and imagination, not from real life.

ASA: What was the biggest success you had?
Doumnande: I would say that the biggest success that I've had in my art career is probably when I offered to paint someone's pet's portrait for free in return for a small favor. Well, what I did not know is that that pet owner had a little over a dozen other pets and wanted me to paint all of them for her, and 5 other pet portraits for a friend!

ASA: What was the biggest failure?
Doumnande: I'd say that my biggest failure was when I purchased some very somewhat expensive ad space on a very well-known blog in effort to sell some of my art. In the ad I offered 25% off through a promo code, but failed to set up the promo code settings on my website, so when my customers went to make purchases on my site, the promo code that they were given in the ad, did not work. I in turn lost the money I paid for the ad, and received no sales from the ad placement, all because I was unprepared and forgot about editing the site settings. So it’s important to always check and double check to make sure things are in order.

ASA: How did you get out of it?
Doumnande: Well I already lost all potential sales from that particular ad, but I made a mental note of things and am confident that it will never happen again.

ASA: What do you use to get motivated when the chips are down?
Doumnande: I have three beautiful daughters, who are all creative and they all inspire me. It's a fun occasion to paint with them, and also a fun occasion when they become my models and I paint them.
I also love watching old Bob Ross videos on YouTube and watching him paint. I've learned so much by watching his "The Joy of Painting."

ASA: What has driven you to be an artist?
Doumnande: One word, “beauty”.
There is so much beauty in our physical world, as the Lord Himself is a Masterful Painter who has created a masterpiece of a universe. When I paint I aim to capture that beauty as much as possible and draw attention to some of the things that maybe we, as humans, may take for granted, like the beauty of a landscape and how shadows and light may hit a certain object in a most profound way. Art is an escape for me, from the troubles of everyday life, and I hope that it can be the same too, to someone else, who may gaze at one of my beautiful paintings, and take it all in, and have it rejuvenate their soul, after it has left my studio.


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