Selling Art Online – Instagram for the Modern Artist

Selling Art Online – Instagram is THE Tool – COMING SOON!

Selling Art Online - InstagramWithin the last 5 years many artists and crafters have discovered Instagram as a platform to sell their products. Why is that so? Instagram is a 100 Percent “visual network”  or in other words, a visual media orientated channel to show what you have got.
Social media especially Instagram, is looked at as a “modern savior” of art sales.

Artists have only one goal: To sell their artistic creations, their art work and products. They strive to find collectors, art lovers and enthusiasts  aside the usual gallery system.


I. There is artist Chris Austin from Toronto who has now 14.4k followers and his specialty are paintings of animals. #chrisaustinart
Chris sells his art within minutes, he says. He has his email address visibly placed below his name and that’s how buyers connect with him. The first one who emails him gets the art work. He sells EVERY product via Instagram.

II. Etsy shop owner ThreeSweettimes has collected 13.1k followers on Instagram and offers her baby clothing line successfully on Instagram that is connected to her Etsy shop.  #threesweettimes

Instagram is completely FREE. Amazing what you can do if you know how.

This is where ASA – ArtistsSellingArt – comes in.

Gabriele, the founder of ASA, knows social media from scratch. She works with social media since its beginning. ASA is a relatively new endeavor but has gained very fast more than 300 followers within weeks, and it is growing daily organically and with help of special tools.

Artists, now it is the time to jump on Instagram. Connect with potential buyers, collectors and everyone who appreciates art!  There are many people out there who are  hungry for your art. For them Instagram is a place to explore and discover artists and incredible art work.

Because we found out that many artists are not using Instagram at all, or not its full capacity, we decided to start a webinar where you will learn about how Instagram works.

The webinar is live and will be recorded. The live Basic Instagram Webinar will show you:

  • How to start Instagram
  • How to get more followers – we show you a great tool
  • How to take great Instagram shots of your art
  • How to connect Instagram to your other social media channels
  • How to connect to the right Instagram crowd

We make sure that you get all of your Instagram questions answered.

What Artists Are Saying About ArtistsSellingArt
“I was very excited when Gabriele Utz opened the group Artists Selling Art. Quality art was being posted, encouraging me to find and display my very best work. I told my favorite clients about the group. One of them, who had not purchased anything from me in over a year, noticed the flowers and crosses framed print from a favorite acrylic painting I would not have thought of selling except for the group.
He bought it at once! I was very encouraged to become even more involved, telling as many people as possible about the group. I also want to learn as much as I can daily from the discussion postings. Just this week, another client heard about the sale. He is eagerly waiting to see this client’s painting live and is planning to order a larger size of the same framed print – all from seeing the painting from this same posting on my phone.
Both of these clients are not big social media buffs. They were encouraged to look at the painting by my enthusiasm for the group. It’s important to talk about our passions. If we are in a group like this, it gives us more credibility. We are not just touting our art again. We are talking about a group of reputable artists. I know it helped in both of these instances. Thank you Artists Selling Art!”

Webinar Details – Selling Art Online – Instagram

What do you Get:

  • 60-70 minute webinar
  • Valuable information about Instagram tools that help to create a professional presence
  • Transcript of the webinar as pdf file.

Is Instagram really the way to go?

Yes it is. Because I am living, observing the “social media” dream since the beginning, let me tell you that Instagram has survived and made it. It has become huge, and it is the way to go. It started off like a rocket and within 2 years they got 100 Million users, and their growth has not stopped! Artists who are not using this opportunity are missing an important  opportunity indeed.

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