Social Media Art Sharing – We Share your Art

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Our INSIDER Club for ARTISTS will be opened very soon! Right now we are launching the “SHARING ART PROJECT” for a limited time.

Have your art SHARED  on our Social Media Channels!

What is exactly Social Media Art Sharing?

There are millions of artists and art work out there. We like to connect with you and share your art work.
Following categories are qualified for our “Sharing Art Project”:

    • Fine Art, all genres
    • Fine Art Photography
    • High end Art Jewelry and Sculptures
    • High End Illustrations

Art, we are NOT sharing

Art connected and containing elements of horror, politics, religion, sex, nude, porn, weapons, abuse, discrimination, racist, war, blood, brutality, killing.
Creepy Halloween Art, Cartoons, Crafts in general, Unfinished work, Storyboard art.

How to Proceed?

To qualify for the Sharing Art Project you MUST HAVE to have an active account on Instagram and FOLLOW US.
We cannot accept you if you don’t have the proper social media accounts. We will not reply as we get many emails.
This service is FREE right now – yes, free!


like facebook page

subscribe list

Don’t send this form below if you have NOT completed the steps above! We will not share your art. If you have done the two steps fill in the form so we can receive your information.

If your art qualifies we love to share it on IG, FB and Twitter. After you have been approved for the Art Sharing project 1 piece of your art will be shared within 5 days one time.
Each day we share a different piece of art on Instagram and Facebook.